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The Footcare Experts

At Feetsavers, we believe that healthy feet are the foundation of a free-thinking, courageous, independent heart and mind because healthy feet allow you to concentrate on your adventures through life from a strong foundation. We also believe in beauty and style, not just comfort, and if you have healthy feet you can wear whatever you like. All our treatments are based on best medical practice and what works.

Every product we recommend, we use ourselves and we will do our absolute best for every person that comes through our door so that you can get on with your life with a spring in your step.

Conditions We Treat

Sporty Feet

Ingrowing Toenails

Corns & Callous Removals

Veruca Advice & Treatment

Heel Pain

Diabetic & Arthritic Feet

‘You will never look at your feet in the same way again’

Floor Play is the first book in Europe for the general Public on foot health since 1845. It is a mixture of medicine, philosophy, psychology, economics, film lore, facts and fiction and learning to walk in your own shoes rather than trying to fit into those of others.

Its main theme is listening to the body through the physical, emotional and spiritual signals that the body gives us all the time. It is about looking after the body through the foot as its foundation.

‘Spectacular…. A triumph’

 Professor Richard Firth,

Emeritus Consultant Physician/Endocrinologist


‘A unique book, it is full of accurate scientific material but written in a relaxed and easy to read style, a great achievement’

Professor Richard Firth, Endocrinologist

‘I am reading it like an ordinary book and it keeps surprising me’

Caroline Gavin, Physiotherapist

‘I love the way it is written. Floor Play combines informative medical facts with interesting, thought-provoking anecdotes and short stories. A wholly absorbing work’

Caroline J. Wynne, Member of the public

‘The psychology running through the book is really interesting’

Veronica Smyth, Podiatrist

‘A great pleasure to read’

Mr Martin G. Walsh, Orthopaedic Surgeon

‘I found it hard to put down’

Dr Jenny Porter, St James Hospital

‘This book is full of Humanity…. I lost myself in it’

Dr. Tim Kilmartin Podiatric Surgeon

‘This book refuses to be pigeon holed’

UK Podiatry Now

“It is not often I can say that I have read a book that is captivating”

UK Nursing Times

‘Unusual and entertaining’

Irish Nursing and Midwifery Times

‘Entertaining, informative and interesting’

Irish Medical Times

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